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About us

More than 50 years ago the certificated guides of Hasselt organized themselves in what has become the V.Z.W. Hasseltse Toeristische gidsen (HTG).

It offers each visitor to our modern and lively town of Hasselt a professional guided walk.

Each guide works as a self-employed person on her/his assignment and is her-/himself responsible for the outcome.

Personel requests will always be taken into account and the walk can be customized.

We'd like to welcome everybody whether in English, French, German or Italian.

The offer varies from informative to jaunty:
           1. HISTORICAL WALK : delve into the 1,000-year-old history of the town
           2. HELLO HASSELT: get to know all the aspects of modern Hasselt e.g. about fashion,                         genever, street art, shopping ...
           3. TASTING WALK: every now and then a short stop is made at a shop to let you taste the                  specialities of Hasselt, seasoned with a pinch of explanation
                  + approx. 10 € per person for the tasting. Between 10 u and 17 u and not on sundag. 
           4. JAPANESE GARDEN: stroll in this magnificent garden (especially in spring and autumn)                 and discover the meaning behind the rocks, the waterfall, some specific trees, ...

Each walk lasts 2 hours.  The guides are paid 100 € (in advance) with a maximum of 20 participants per guide.

The booking form can easily be found on our website.

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